Monday, May 18, 2015

What is a toner? How do toners benefit your skin?

Toner is a liquid that helps to cleanse the skin, remove dirt, tighten and shrink pores on the skin.

A toner also helps to restore the pH balance of the skin after washing your face.

Toners can also have other ingredients that benefit your skin such as vitamins, minerals, salicylic acid, herbal extracts, etc.

There are different types of toners, find one that suits your skin the most. 

Sensitive Skin 

For sensitive skin avoid toners with alcohol. Choose a toner that is gentle on the skin with moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe vera, Chamomile, Rose, Lavender and Witch Hazel.

Oily Skin

For oily skin choose toners that have AlphaHydroxy Acid and Salicylic acid. Do not use any toner that has oil as one of its ingredients. 

Dry Skin

For dry skin avoid toners with alcohol and choose toners that have ingredients such as Aloe vera, Chamomile, Rose, Lavender and Witch Hazel that moisturize and hydrate the skin

What are astringents?

Astringents are toners with high alcohol content. It is best to avoid astringents unless you have a very oily skin. The alcohol helps to remove oil and tighten pores. 

Alcohol based toners are harsh and can dry out the skin.