Saturday, September 6, 2014

What are Skin Tags?

Sin Tags On The Neck Region

Skin tags are protrusions of the skin that are skin colored or dark brown in color. They are also called acrochordons, cutaneous papillomas and cutaneous tags.

Skin tags occur in places

  • where skin rubs against skin constantly  - neck,under the breasts, groin, armpits 
  • against other objects such as jewelry

They are harmless and nothing to worry about.

Skin tags can be removed if they cause discomfort or for cosmetic reasons. There are specific procedures for skin tag removal.

The best person to remove skin tags on the eyes is the ophthalmologist. If you are going to remove skin tags yourself then make sure to remove them in such a way that it does not cause further complications.

To know all about skin tags and skin tag removal procedures click on the link below -

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