Thursday, December 6, 2012

Diabetic Skin Care - How diabetes affects your skin?

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Diabetes is a condition when the sugar level in your blood is very high. Diabetes affects the skin. Looking after your skin is very important when you have diabetes.

How diabetes affects your skin?

High blood sugar affects the the blood supply to your skin. The blood flow to your skin is reduced when you have diabetes. This leads to many skin disorders.

1. When you have diabetes the excess sugar in the blood stream is forced out of the body system through urine. Due to this there is excess water loss from the body.

The skin becomes very dry because of the excess water loss and cracks easily, exposing the inner layers to dust and germs that leads to infection.

2. Diabetes affects the nerves and causes damage to the nerve cells. This condition is called Diabetic Neuropathy. Due to diabetes nerves branching into the skin are affected. This causes loss of sensation in your skin and you cannot feel pain,

3. When the skin becomes very dry, it cracks exposing the inner layers to infection.

Take extra care of your skin when you have diabetes.

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