Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Skin Care - How to take care of combination skin?

Combination skin is when the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) area are oily and the cheeks are dry. In this case wash the T-zone with oil free deep facial cleanser. This will remove the dirt from the pores,unclog them and wash away the oil on the skin.

On the dry cheeks use a moisturizer. If you feel that the T-zone is dry, then apply a light moisturizer which is not oil based.

Use a facial mask only on the T-zone when ever you feel it is too oily. A clay based face mask will draw out all the impurities and clear the pores. It will blot out the excess oil.

Follow a healthy diet. Cut down on dairy products, processed food and fried food. Eat small meals to stabilize your blood sugar. This also reduces excess production of oil.

If your nose is shiny due to excessive oil production, do not powder your nose. If you powder your nose, the oil will mix with the powder and clog the pores. This will lead to further problems. Just use blotting paper which absorbs the oil.

Take Care.